Good News… and some bad

FIRST the GOOD NEWS:  Our West Coast allotment of our long awaited shipment of Tha MISFIT motorcycles has arrived!  The photos here show the truckload of 77 MISFITs that we unloaded Tuesday morning, December 13.  These bikes are destined for not only our dealership but also to other Cleveland CycleWerks dealers west of the Mississippi. […]

The Easy Rider Motorcycle Show – Sacramento 2011

Easy Rider Motorcycle Show – Los Angeles

Tucson to Houston on a Vespa – Thomas Barnes

In the late forties, Vespa was a popular motor scooter. It was economical, stylish, smooth and easy to handle. While in hot, dry Tucson, Arizona, I bought a used Vespa. I enjoyed riding it so much that in 1958, I decided to buy a brand new one. Nothing fancy – just a gray, deluxe model […]

2010 Long Beach Motorcycle Show

We were lucky enough to be part of the debut of The Heist Bobber from Cleveland Cyclewerks at the 2010 Long Beach Motorcycle Show. Everyone stopped to take a long look at the new bike and some even posed for photos…

Tha Heist is Here!

Tha Heist is available NOW at Scooter City Sacramento! MSRP: $3195.00. If you would like to know more about Tha Heist and The Misfit motorcycles from Cleveland CycleWerks, please visit their site at <!–[endif]–> Join Tha Heist Mailing List Email Address     Close

The Heist Bobber 250 – COMING SOON!

An old school bobber at an old school price? Say it ain’t so. From P.I.T. Motors: Cleveland Cyclewerks of Ohio has produced the working man’s Bobber at a price everyone can afford. A good quality bike designed in the USA by Scott Colosimo who’s passion for riding comes through with “Tha Heist Bobber 250”. Simplicity […]

The Sachs MadAss Challenge

Peirspeed is looking for the coolest, baddest, most customized and unique MadAss in North America. If you have a Sachs MadAss that you feel is up for the competition, then enter the 2011 Sachs MadAss Challenge! The grand prize winner will take home a new, limited edition 2011 Sachs MadAss 125. The Sachs MadAss Challenge […]

Are Cheap Chinese Scooters Worth The Headache?

With cheap Chinese scooters flooding the American market in recent years, more and more people are finding them spending the money they saved on keeping them on the road. While Chinese scooters are less expensive initially, constantly paying to have one repaired is not. The increase in the cost of gas has caused many people […]

Do I Need a Motorcycle License to Ride a Scooter?

Yes, you do… Don’t be fooled by slick advertising, you must have a motorcycle license to legally ride a 49cc motor scooter. The flood of Chinese scooters to the market has caused advertisers and some dealers to classify them as mopeds. Mopeds and scooters are two different vehicles and fall under the different DMV laws […]