Are Cheap Chinese Scooters Worth The Headache?

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With cheap Chinese scooters flooding the American market in recent years, more and more people are finding them spending the money they saved on keeping them on the road. While Chinese scooters are less expensive initially, constantly paying to have one repaired is not.

The increase in the cost of gas has caused many people to look for alternative modes of transportation and motor scooters are meeting this need.

Chinese manufacturers are reaping the benefits by mass-producing what are essentially plastic piles of garbage. In a conversation with one Midwest dealer, he mentioned he was happy that people were buying Chinese scooters because it meant that they would be spending more on repairs than on the cost of the scooter itself!

When consumers go shopping for a new car, they weigh the cost of maintenance and the reliability of the vehicle against it’s price. Buying a scooter should be no different!

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