Save The Planet One Scooter at a Time

At BARBER’S SHOP we have been riding scooters and motorcycles for over 60 years. Cushman, Lambretta, Vespa, Dootlebug, and Harley Davidson scooters have all greased the floors of our shop. As a repair shop specializing in European exotics for more than 41 years, we have been the “Go To” shop for scooter owners as no one else either seemed to care or had the skills to service them reliably.

SCOOTER CITY SACRAMENTO is the culmination of these years of experience servicing these machines and the desire to bring safe and reliable 2-wheeled transportation to Sacramento. Our SCOOTER CITY location has been open since the summer of 2010.  

The scooters we offer are the highest quality available for the price. Our experience with “generic Chinese scooters” to date is that the out the door selling price is seductively attractive, but the buyers are quick to realize that the cost of maintaining these low-cost machines is more than the balance they would have spent on one of our scooters in the first place.

There is a reason that we sell scooters that cost more than those flooding the shopping malls, lawnmower repair shops, car dealerships, strip malls and want ads… Our scooters cost more because they are of a higher quality in the first place. We did plenty of research into the scooter market before we decided to become a scooter dealer. We found that an incredible number of these scooters available today are being produced in mainland China. We’ve also found that when buying from China, you have to be very careful about quality. While most of today’s manufacturer’s are using at least some parts sourced from China, brands like Vespa, Peirspeed and Benelli all have strict quality standards and are produced under close scrutiny.

So, Yes. There are cheaper scooters out there. BUT there’s a reason for that: Our Scooters Are BETTER!!!

Give us a call or SCOOT IN! to our New Showroom at 614 16th Street in Sacramento.

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