Cleveland Cyclewerks is an American based design and development company with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and China. CCW is the vision of Scott Colosimo, began from a dream he had at age 15 and powered by his fascination with custom motorcycles. After mastering his skills in automotive design in various roles at firms around the world, Scott decided to make his dream a reality and created Cleveland CycleWerks.

Scooter City Sacramento is the West Coast Distributor for Cleveland CycleWerks.

More information about Cleveland Cyclewerks at Pit Motors Limited.



SYM was originally part of Honda Taiwan before splitting from the company in a three-way split created both Sang Yang Motor Co. (SYM) and Kwang Yang Motor Co. (KYMCO). SYM have reintroduced the Symwolf Classic 150 and are on the leading edge of Research and Development and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Visit Alliance Powersports for more information on the Symwolf Classic 150.