Good News… and some bad

FIRST the GOOD NEWS:  Our West Coast allotment of our long awaited shipment of Tha MISFIT motorcycles has arrived!  The photos here show the truckload of 77 MISFITs that we unloaded Tuesday morning, December 13.  These bikes are destined for not only our dealership but also to other Cleveland CycleWerks dealers west of the Mississippi.

The BAD news is that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has yet to issue the Executive Order needed for these bikes to be legally sold in California.  BUT….

The other GOOD NEWS is that while we were unloading the truck we received word from the manufacturer that the Executive Order may very well be issued within the next 10 days!!!


There is a very limited supply of these motorcycles.  We cannot predict when we will see another allotment.  Some sort of allocation program may be necessary to assure all of our dealers that their long waiting customers can be served. In our case this may include you!  Because the Executive Order from CARB had not been issued when you and others were expressing interest in Tha MISFIT we were prohibited from accepting any deposits from serious and committed customers. As a result, we have a very large “waiting list” of prospective buyers, but because we could not take deposits we do not have any means of distinguishing the highly motivated “curious” persons from the truly committed buyer. Accordingly, if you are one of those persons who is genuinely motivated to be one of the first persons in California to own one of these unique motorcycles, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU RIGHT AWAY!

We expect that the demand for this motorcycle will very rapidly exceed supply.  There has been a lot of on-line press coverage already, we expect more coverage from the print media, and the bike has attracted record crowds at the motorcycle shows.  What this means is that if you are truly interested in acquiring a MISFIT, we need to hear from you immediately because as soon as the Executive Order is issued (conceivably in the next few days) we will begin selling these bikes as a dealer and shipping them to other dealers with committed buyers too.  We want to be sure that you are on the list to receive one of these machines and not get left out.

Please telephone or email us to inform us of your intentions, and provide us with your phone number so that we can speak to you not only about your purchasing intentions and options, but also give you a call as soon as the CARB issues the Executive Order.